For IT Security Experts

Cybercrime is a growing threat for the global research community that reaches beyond the security of individual organizations and technical systems.

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Members of the SNSI group are from a broad range of organizations, and are working together to improve the security of systems, data and intellectual property within an interconnected research environment that needs to be as open as possible to support research.

The higher education sector is particularly vulnerable to cyber-attack due to the large amount of personal and research data that universities, including library systems, routinely store. In the UK last year, the National Cyber Security Centre published its first report on the cyber threat to UK universities. The report noted that the university sector was the third most vulnerable to cyber-attack. It also drew attention to some of the effects of state-sponsored espionage identifying damage to the value of research, notably in STEM subjects; a fall in investment by public or private sector in affected universities; and damage to the UK’s knowledge advantage.

Publishers are often able to provide the first alert to institutions about breaches of their security when these have resulted in content theft from publisher's platforms, and then provide institutions with analytics to help trace and close these breaches. SNSI was formed to create partnerships that can address these challenges.

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